10 Steps to Staying Safe on the Road - Senior Care

  • 和你的betway必威手机版官网谈谈哪些药物和医疗问题可能会导致驾驶问题. 要在开车前了解更多有关药物和医疗状况的信息, 阅读本节.

  • Have your eyes and ears checked by a doctor every year, and wear the correct prescription contact lenses, glasses or hearing aids. To learn more about getting your eyes and ears checked, 阅读本节.

  • 开车前把你的目的地输入手机的GPS,减少分心. For more on eliminating distractions while you’re driving, 阅读本节.

  • 如果你能, 尽量在白天和良好的天气条件下驾驶, 因为黑暗和恶劣的天气会进一步模糊你的视力. For more on when it’s 安全st to drive, 阅读本节.

  • If you’re driving with grandkids or other young children, 确保他们的汽车座椅已正确安装(1岁以下的儿童应面向后方). For more on car seats and 安全ty, 阅读本节.


每个人都应该确保在上路之前遵守汽车安全预防措施,尤其是 老年人 (65+)谁组成 五分之一 drivers in the United States. 随着年龄增长, 我们必须采取措施适应我们不断变化的思想和身体,以保持我们自己, as well as those around us, 安全. 在老年, we may experience more medical problems that require medication, which can affect our daily activities. In fact, 老年人 are more than twice as likely to report having a medical issue that makes it hard to drive, compared with those between the ages of 24 and 64. 你可以考虑采取一些公路旅行安全措施——比如系安全带——第二天性, while others may require more effort or reminders. 幸运的是, 汽车越来越安全,老年人也越来越重视驾驶风险, the rate of crashes among those 65 +有所下降 in recent years, and will hopefully continue to decline.

Review medicines and medical issues

五分之四的老年人每天服用一种或多种药物, 哪一种可能意味着更大的风险驾驶损害的副作用. Certain medicines and medical problems can make you feel drowsy or less alert than usual. 的y can also cause attention issues or slow your reaction time. 和你的betway必威手机版官网谈谈哪些药物和医疗条件可能会导致驾驶问题. 在看betway必威手机版官网之前列出你正在服用的药物和补品清单可能会有所帮助.

寻找一种快速的方法来查明你正在服用的药物是否会影响你的 ability to drive 安全ly? You can enter the drug into a website called Roadwise Rx. 一些众所周知会对驾驶产生负面影响的药物包括咳嗽药, certain antidepressants, 睡眠的药物, 肌肉麻痹剂, 镇静剂, 减充血剂, antihistamines and narcotic pain pills.

Knowing your physical limitations can also help you better equip your car to meet your needs. 例如, if your hands hurt when holding the steering wheel, 如果有一个方向盘套,握起来会更舒服,这可能会有所帮助. Other things to consider are 安全ty features and dial size. 职业治疗师可以帮助你选择一辆有你可能需要的功能的汽车, or help you adjust the features or dials on the car you have.

Get your vision and hearing examined

随着年龄增长, vision generally declines and we might run into common age-related vision problems, such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. 确保拿到你的 eyes checked by a doctor yearly and to wear the correct prescription lenses or glasses. 对于视力很低的人,betway必威手机版官网或职业治疗师可以帮助他们 活组织检查的建议该系统安装在处方眼镜上,让司机看得更清楚.

You’ll also want to visit the doctor regularly to get your hearing checked. 听力受损会限制你听到鸣笛声、紧急车辆或迎面而来的火车.

Be sure to wear a seatbelt

Before you start your car, ask yourself if you’re belted in. 如果没有,那就继续 系好安全带. If your seatbelt is uncomfortable, you can get a shoulder pad that slips over the belt, or adjust the belt according to what feels comfortable.

Put away your cell phone

Rings, pings and buzzes are not for the road. Put your cell phone on silent 或者把你的目的地输入手机的GPS,然后听指令, but don’t text or otherwise use your phone to talk while driving, as this can throw off your focus.

Map out your route before 你上车. Even though you may see a map while you are driving, 最好是听从方向,不要因为看手机上的小地图而分心. 确保在你开始开车之前把方向输入你的手机,这样你就不会在开车时摆弄它了. 

这样做是为了让你的注意力集中,远离潜在的干扰. 开车时吃东西也会转移你的注意力,所以应该在停车后再吃. 一般来说, 眼睛盯着路面,与前面的车辆保持足够的距离.

Drive in daylight and in good weather

在强光和黑暗之间,即使是视力良好的老年人也会有这种感觉 problems seeing at night. You should also avoid driving in bad weather conditions. 如果下雨了, 下雪或多雾的, 最好等到天气转晴再上路.

Consider alternatives to driving

安全是第一位, so if you feel in any way like your driving may be impaired, it’s best to err on the side of caution and consider an alternative option to driving. You can ask a friend to give you a ride, use public transportation, or use a ride-share service such as Uber or Lyft.

Refresh your driving skills

If needed, update your driving skills. Taking a refresher course 开车有时可以给你的汽车保险打个折扣. 组织或社区成人项目也可能有你可以参加的课程. 的 AARP 提供涵盖重要领域的课程,如减少干扰, 有用的驾驶技术,并根据年龄进行调整.


虽然开车是坐着的活动,但它需要身体的敏锐. 转动方向盘和回头看路都需要灵活性和力量. Talk to your doctor about ways you can stay physically active by walking, stretching, or exercising.

Practice car-seat 安全ty when driving with young children

如果你和你的孙子或其他小孩一起开车,确保 car seat is properly installed. 请记住,1岁以下的儿童(根据儿童的身高和体重,1岁以下的儿童也可以更长)必须坐后坐。. 孩子们在达到特定的身高和体重后,就可以切换到前面的座位.


This goes for anyone of any age who is going to take the wheel. 然而,老年人可能在他们可以消费的酒精量上更加有限,因为 ability to process alcohol 会随着年龄的增长而减少. Even one beer or glass of wine can make for un安全 driving, especially if that drink is combined with certain medications.

对于一些 老年人, losing their driving skills can feel like a loss of independence, especially when they’ve been driving regularly for many years. 采取适当的安全预防措施有助于增强那些担心驾驶能力下降的人的能力. Regularly going to the doctor for checkups, reviewing your medications, 避免分心是所有能让你在路上感到安全的事情. 如果你真的遇到阻碍你坐在方向盘后面的路障, consider the many alternatives, including public transportation, ride sharing and getting a lift from a friend, that will get you 安全ly to your destination. 


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