Changing healthcare as we know it.

From our humble beginnings, we held one goal and one mission in mind, to bring healthcare to underserved communities. And since 2012 we’ve been able to accomplish that. But we’re not done. Our leadership team is built for what the future of healthcare should look like, with interspersed disciplines working amongst each other to bring better health outcomes for our patients and communities we are proud to serve. 

Leadership Team

  • Mike Pykosz, Chief Executive Officer

    Geoff Price, Chief Operations Officer

    Griffin Myers, Chief Medical Officer

    Tim Cook, Chief Financial Officer

    Rob Guenthner, Chief Legal Officer

    Tamara Jurgenson, Chief Growth Officer

    Jason Van Den Eeden, Chief Technology Officer

    Cynthia Hiskes, Chief Human Resources Officer

    Drew Crenshaw, Chief Population Health Officer

    David Buchanan, Chief Clinical Officer

  • Brian Clem, President

    James Chow, President of Managed Care Operations

    Caroline Sommers, Senior Vice President Clinical Quality

    Grace Chen, Senior Vice President Care Services

    Lindsay Arnold Sugden, Division President IL/MS/TN/TX

    Julie Silverstein, Division President NY/PA/RI

    Rafe Petty, Division President IN/MI/NC/OH

    Ali Khan, Executive Medical Director IL/MS/TN/TX

    Mark Bustamante, Executive Medical Director IN/MI/NC/OH

    Marisa Rogers, Executive Medical Director NY/PA/RI

At Oak Street Health, we focus on the quality of our patients’ lives and that’s when great things happen.
Griffin Myers, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder
Griffin Tedmed Talk