Mistakes to Avoid During 医疗保险 Enrollment

  • 人们在注册医疗保险时可能犯的最大错误之一是不完全了解注册期. To learn more about enrollment periods, 阅读本节.

  • It’s vital to consider cost when enrolling in a 医疗保险 insurance plan. To learn more about premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, 阅读本节.

  • As we age, our health and wellbeing change. To learn more about health changes and how 医疗保险 can help, 阅读本节.

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超过6000万符合医疗保险资格的人是医疗保险受益人. 的, a little over 24 million are currently on some sort of Advantage Plan, with that number expecting to rise even more in the coming year. With so many people aging into 医疗保险 benefits, 看看你目前的计划可能是个好主意, to make sure it’s still the best option for you.

Mistake #1: Not Completely Understanding Enrollment

Fall 医疗保险 Open Enrollment, 有时被称为你的年度注册期(AEP)从10月15日开始th and runs until December 7th. During this time you can make changes to your current plan, 添加更多的报道, or drop coverage for the year ahead. This new coverage will take effect on January 1st.

Those who don’t take an Advantage plan, 通常会转向医疗保险计划来帮助抵消最初的医疗保险费用. 优势政策有助于弥补差距,同时通常提供额外的服务. 与此同时,医疗保险计划也覆盖了原始医疗保险没有覆盖的部分.

Mistake #2: Not Considering Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Whichever plan or policy you decide upon, 一定要考虑保费以外的费用,并考虑你的现款支出. While it’s true that insurers are federally regulated, the specifics of their options vary from plan to plan, 每年, 从一个县到另一个县. These yearly changes could have an impact on your premiums, 免赔额, and other 成本 like co-pays, and services such as dental and vision.

Elizabeth Gavino,, Founder of Lewin & 他是纽约的一位独立经纪人和医疗保险计划的总代理

电子健康 问1,000 医疗保险 beneficiaries what their top healthcare concerns were, 42% said it was the cost of 医疗保险 premiums, 而略超过50%的人认为自费和免赔是他们最关心的问题. What this means is that regardless of the plan you choose, 重要的是不要忽视每月的保费和其他费用与您的整体betway必威手机版官网, 如: 

  • Part B requires monthly premiums in 2021 are $148

  • Consider your out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered by your plan

While cost will always be a factor, 当你有资格的时候没有加入医疗保险最终会让你付出更多的代价. 逾期入学会向你收取高额的额外费用,因为你每一年都没有被覆盖. 

作为最初的医疗保险受益人或有医疗保险优势计划或其他补充计划的受益人, you’re still on the hook for some 成本 associated with these plans. 然而,如果你选择不登记,这些费用可能会大幅上升.

Mistake #3: Not Taking Advantage of 医疗保险

当我们想到成本和保险时,我们自然而然地认为这是一个货币问题. 这是真的, 你不应该让自己负担过重,也不应该选择一个让你难以履行其他财务义务的计划. 然而, 我们在这些方面考虑的成本更多地与选择错误计划的成本有关, not selecting one at all, 或者坚持你现在的计划,直到1月1日你才会知道st there were expensive changes made to your plan. 这些都是 成本 that take a toll on a lot of people. 

由于健康状况的突然变化和缺乏适当的保险而宣布破产的老年人的数量自1999年以来增加了一倍. 同时,根据 注册护士, by the time you reach 65 years old, average healthcare 成本 are $11.3K per person, per year in the United States. And over the span of a lifetime, 一个人的平均医疗费用大约是400美元,000.

随着你的年龄, 你很容易认为你的孩子或其他爱你的人会在那里照顾你和你的需求. 但在现实中, as you age the cost of your care goes up, 如果你没有适当的保险,你的家人可能做不到. 更值得注意的是,平均而言,女性的医疗费用比男性高. 因为 women tend to live two times longer 与男性相比,她们需要在每月的医疗储蓄中投入更多.

Mistake #4: Expecting Your Health to Remain the Same

As you get older your body reacts differently to various conditions. 当然, we can see age in the way we look on the outside, from our hair turning colors, or our skin forming a few more age lines around the eyes. 但, 事实上, 随着年龄的增长,我们体内发生的变化是一个更大的问题,当涉及到你的健康. 确定, age spots can be signs of serious issues, 还有许多其他的迹象和状况需要注意, but it’s what’s happening inside us, as we age where we need the most protection. 这就是为什么当你到了一定年龄时,为意外做好准备是如此重要的原因.

Aging can affect you in more ways than you imagine. 你的健康变化最常见的方式是通过心血管系统. Your blood vessels and arteries could stiffen, causing your heart to work harder to pump blood through them, something you may not have experienced at a younger age. 所以在变老的过程中,你的血压要比你年轻的时候更好. 

另一种看到自己变老的方式是通过你的关节和骨骼. 随着你的年龄, bones tend to shrink in size and density, weakening them and making them more susceptible to fracture. You might even become a bit shorter. Muscles generally lose strength, 耐力, and flexibility — factors that can affect your coordination, 稳定, 和平衡.

Even your digestive system and bladder age. 这会导致更多的问题,你年轻时可能没有经历过. 

All of the above issues come with aging, but there are many more. 这就是为什么即使你一直生活在健康的一面直到现在, you’re really only playing with time until something happens. 这就是为什么当你有资格参加医疗保险是如此重要. 甚至考虑一个优势计划,可以帮助你的事情,如健身房会员,以帮助加强你的心脏肌肉和骨骼. 65 is a unique time of life for many older adults. It allows you to tap into the wealth of government health programs, 即医疗保险, 来帮助你实现你可能推迟的betway必威手机版官网目标.

Mistake #5: Not Maximizing Your Plan’s Value

当 it comes to paying for your health, especially if you’re a senior on a fixed income, 确保你从你的计划中得到最大的好处是有意义的. 这就是为什么看一下每个计划提供的多种选择是一个好主意. 而原来的医疗保险主要处理住院和门诊服务, and Medigap and MedSupp cover what Original 医疗保险 doesn’t, 你真的在期待医疗保险优势计划,为你提供以后可能需要的额外福利, 甚至现在. Some of the many services they provide are:

  • 健身卡
  • 牙科
  • 愿景
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • 足部医疗
  • 和更多的

当选择一个适合你的健康计划时,最重要的是什么, is to consider how you feel now might not be how you feel down the road. 你目前的护理可能需要改变,因为你无法控制的情况. 因此,选择一个能提供你需要的福利来实现你的医疗目标的医疗保险计划可能是你唯一能控制的事情.


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